VIDEOSYNCRASY has specialized in
and corporate video production
for over 18

Owner and founder Phil Scardilli began
his career working in film
in New York City .

Reflecting on those formative years in the film industry he recalled,

"Working in film was an
exciting and crucial
in my professional development.

Most people think editing is the process
of deleting things. 
Quite the opposite
is true,
post-production is a building process.

The editor combines visual images with live,
sync sound and  music, f/x etcetera.

Working in the city, I learned the nuts and bolts
of editing,
treating audio and video as two entirely
separate entities.  The lessons I learned
in film are still with me today." 

He learned those lessons well.
VIDEOSYNCRASY  has earned numerous video industry
Creative Excellence Awards.

His experience as a photojournalist and film critic
was another valuable part of his education in the field of visual arts.

In addition to numerous professional accreditations, Scardilli 
presented a seminar at WEVA International's annual convention
in Las Vegas .  He shared his work and insights on event
with hundreds of other professional videographers.

VIDEOSYNCRASY also provides coverage 
for a monthly cable program produced in Clark Township, 
the company's home base.

VIDEOSYNCRASY  personalizes every assignment.  It's slogan:

    "For a Production As Unique As You" 

isn't just a catchphrase;
it's a business philosophy.

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